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Do Minh Tam


1963 Born in Hung Yen province, Vietnam

1987 BA, Vietnam University of Fine Arts

2000 MFA, Vietnam University of Fine Arts

1989-2019 Lecturer, Dean of the Faculty of Painting, Vietnam University of Fine Arts

Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association

Lives and works in Hanoi


2020 The Children Song, VietArt Space, Hanoi

2014 Thi, Dong Phong Art Gallery, Hanoi

Return to the Past, Eight Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City

2008 Green Life, Hanoi Studio Gallery, Hanoi

2005 River Talk, Suffusive Art Gallery, Hanoi

1999 Golden Light, Song Hong Gallery, Hanoi

1994 Solo exhibition, Pica Gallery, Perth, Australia

1993 Solo exhibition, Exhibition Hall 29 Hang Bai, Hanoi


2023 Plan of the Summer, ARTIGIN Art Space by Hanoi Studio, Lotte Mall Westlake, Hanoi

2019 Hanoi Art Connecting 4th – International Art Exhibition & Workshop, Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, Hanoi

2017 International Fine Arts Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea

2016 Opening – 30-year retrospective of Vietnam Fine Arts”, Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi

Affordable Art 2016: 7+, Dong Phong Art Gallery, Hanoi

Art and Buddhism, Quy Nhon, Vietnam

2014 Early Summer Lotus VI – International Buddishtism group exhibition, Vesak Day, Bai Dinh, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Affordable Art, Dong Phong Art Gallery, Hanoi

2012 Buddhist Fine Arts Exhibition, Hue, Vietnam

2010 Hanoi: Fine Arts City, Goethe-Institut, Hanoi

From Myth to Reality, VietArt Center, Hanoi

Early Summer Lotus IV – Mac Huong group’s exhibition, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi

2010, 2005, 2000, 1995, 1990, 1985 National Fine Arts Exhibition, Hanoi

2009 1000 Years of Thang Long – Light installation exhibition, Hanoi

2008 Early Summer Lotus II, Vesak Day, Hanoi

2007 Early Summer Lotus I, Vesak Day, VietArt Center, Hanoi

2007, 2006 Group exhibition, Maison de Art, Hanoi

2005 Tree, Goethe Institute, Hanoi

2004 Open, Vietnam University of Fine Arts, Hanoi

Water, Vietnam University of Fine Arts, Hanoi

2003 36 Ideas of Asia, Germany, Italy & Bulgaria

Mai Impressions, Vietnam Fine Art University, Hanoi

2001 Contemporary Art Exhibition of 5 Vietnam-Thailand Fine Arts Universities, Hue University of Arts, Hue, Vietnam

2000 The Soul of Vietnam, Art Folio, Singapore

1999 14th Asian International Art, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan

1998 Vietnamese Art in the 20th Century, Brussels, Belgium

Open Space, Hanoi

1997 Two Artists, Hanoi

13th Asian Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Macau & Hong Kong

1996 Vietnamese Contemporary Fine Arts after Renovation, Fujita Vente Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Asian Painting Exhibition, Bangkok Fine Arts Museum, Thailand

1995 Composition Static and Dynamic, Hanoi

Art Symbol – with Australian Aborigines, Hanoi

New York - Hanoi, Hanoi

1994 International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Pica Gallery, Perth, Australia

Do Paper, Hanoi

1993 National Abstract Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City

1992 The First Abstract, Hong Hạc Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City

1990 Autumn, Hanoi

1988, 1986 Group exhibition, Hanoi

1987  Young artists’ group exhibition, Hanoi


2019 Art in the Forest, Flamingo Dai Lai, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam

2006-2008 PAC I - III, Bangkok, Thailand & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2008)

1995 Pacific Asian Triennial Workshop, Queensland Gallery, Brisbane, Australia


2005 Bronze Medal, National Fine Arts Exhibition

1996 Vietnam ASEAN Art Award – Phillips Morris


Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum

Singapore National Gallery

Edith Cowan University Museum, Perth, Australia

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