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Bộ sưu tập Liêu Nguyễn Hướng Dương
  • Bộ sưu tập Liêu Nguyễn Hướng Dương


    Lieu Nguyen's work is based on his own dreams which are abstract space of the mind and creates an impression of the limitless of time and location.


    Lieu Nguyen’s uses of contrasting colours in his work enables him to maintain softness of his illusions. The touch of Lieu Nguyen’s work also unveils the artist's romantic soul and feelings about his memories of his native land.


    It is very pleasure to see the material represents on the paintings. The drawing of oil is making the softness and visionary for the paintings and the nature on his art works are fanciful with the very light tone of colors making the painting so special elegantly light. It seems Lieu Nguyen uses the brushing and combining pouring the paint for expressing the strong feeling of emotion about the nature. The both of softness and strong sides are combining on Lieu Nguyen's paintings bringing the paintings the special aromat of Asian spirit and also basing on the special technique of oil are doing the new series of paintings about the forests and the trees the great charm and unique.

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